This Week's Game

Candidacy (Employment) Fraud

POLI the AI asks, "Where can we agree?" It's one thing for a candidate to be conflicted in their views and work audiences, it's another thing to bald-face lie about basic qualifications for office. ONE PARROT boasts all's fair in love, war, and politics. If the party, election officials and the media don't care enough to vet candidates for office then let the voters beware. THE OTHER PARROT roasts those who think lying to get what they want is acceptable, it sets a bad example for children, and encourages our enemies to distrust the US even more. Almost all job applications are subject to background checks, and the people essentially hire their elected officials. Candidates should file a public record background affidavit. First, CLICK ON A ROLE, then click on YES or NO if you think a majority of each role is for or against.

Should candidates falsifying backgrounds be disqualified?


Let’s get horizontal, Politics 4.0 makes strange bedfellows

Turn your phone and your perspective horizontally
Widen your views, literally and figuratively
Politics is a landscape not a self-portrait
You’ll need both your left and right thumbs
Widen your views — left and right
Let’s knock down some figurative silos
Let’s sit on the 50 yard line, not just one end zone

How to Play

1. Read the summary (under the header and the question under that)

2. Scan all the Key "YES" (odd numbers) & "NO" Reasons (even numbers)

3. Click on any one of the eight-roles, the lock will tilt, if you don’t understand the role scroll over its Info Icon

how to play how to play

4. Do you think a majority in that role would say “YES” (click green for go) or “NO” (click grey for ghost)

how to play

5. Repeat until all eight roles are scored per game.

how to play

6. Click Submit to see your scores in the yellow bar, and under the eight roles.

how to play

7. Roles we disagree on will be highlighted in Yellow (for caution), and the "because" number under the role corresponds with the editors' Yes Reason (odd number) or No Reason (even number). POLI the AI notes an error margin for every puzzle in the POL-ICYMI Last Week's Answers page.

how to play

8. Click Play for the next game of eight roles. Sixteen games per puzzle per week. You can do one a day, or all in one day. New puzzle on Mondays.

how to play

9. Check your overall score by clicking the icon in the yellow bar.

how to play

Bottom row is this week’s puzzle, top row is all puzzles.

how to play

10. Last week’s answers can be seen by clicking on the orange POL-ICYMI Last Week’s

how to play