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Your Origin Roots Embraced

Columbus Day (CD) is a controversial holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas in 1492. However, we propose replacing it with YORE long weekend (YW), three days to celebrate all our rich ancestries. YORE stands for Your Origin Roots Embraced. Why is this change needed? ONE PARROT claims that Columbus is a hero who brought civilization and Christianity to the new world and that his legacy deserves to be honored by the nation. THE OTHER PARROT reclaims that Columbus was a villain who invaded and exploited the native peoples and lands and that a holiday should not glorify his actions. PolicyKeys IS A REAL-LIFE ROLE-PLAYING GAME. Predict whether each Role (click) will have a majority say (click) YES or NO. Finish all eight Roles, and (click) Submit the see POLI THE AI's and the Editor's Answers.

Should YORE Weekend Adopt Columbus Day?


Let’s get horizontal, Politics 4.0 makes strange bedfellows

Turn your phone and your perspective horizontally
Widen your views, literally and figuratively
Politics is a landscape not a self-portrait
You’ll need both your left and right thumbs
Widen your views — left and right
Let’s knock down some figurative silos
Let’s sit on the 50 yard line, not just one end zone

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