Should the Federal Reserve Deposit Trillion Dollar Coins at the Fed?

BOX SCORE: Mint Trillion Dollar Coins
Should the Federal Reserve Deposit Trillion Dollar Coins at the Fed?

Puzzle Summary:

Congress has granted the right for the US Treasury to mint coins, which is also known as seigniorage. Congress still solely decides what is to be spent. President Nixon took us off the gold standard, now the US dollar's only backing is the full faith and credit that if the US government owes a debt in dollars, it will be paid in dollars.

ONE PARROT spends but caps government debt and threatens bond defaults on loan payments to limit the other parrot's spending. THE OTHER PARROT spends and increases taxes and/or borrowing to pay for the things it feels the US needs. As a compromise the Treasury could mint $1 Trillion coins, deposit them at the Federal Reserve Bank, and prevent the US from ever defaulting on its obligations.

Both Parrots make their good points over and over and over again. What did our nonpartisan scoring system say?                       


BOX SCORE for Trillion Dollar Coins?
Weighted-Average Forecast

:65%: ± 7% Nonpartisan Score
Sides of the Table 4/4

Wall of Information 7/8
Cultural Windows 12/16
Columns of Bias 7/8


Top Four Key Reasons in Favor of Trillion Dollar Coins

With our armies, who’s going to stop us?
Bakes a bigger apple pie to share
A way to pay for the green revolution
Could spur economic development zones

Top Four Key Reasons Against Trillion Dollar Coins

May destabilize the $ on foreign markets
May cause trade wars
Speeds obsolescence
The debt is worrisome

Where Can We Agree?®: Four Odd Couples In-Favor

Activists & Realty
Digital Republicans & Urban Investors
Ethicist Democrats & 401K and IRAs
Caregivers & Gun Owners

Where Can We Agree?®: Four Odd Couples Against

Liberty Independents & Urban Part-Time
Moralist Republicans & Free Press
Core Republicans & Party Favor Democrats
Urban PT & Rural Investors

Four A-hah Moments

(Yes) It’s just digits on a computer
(Yes) China heavily supports their industries

(No) May cause real wars over resources
(No) Yuan or Euro could dethrone the dollar as the world’s reserve currency


Politics 4.0 DNA (ACGT) Conclusion

We predict a 65% super-majority of roles in this country to support Trillion Dollar Coins, with an above average error margin of  ± 7%.  Thrift (T) types point out that the US full faith and credit will never be violated. Abundance (A) types see the possibility of funding transitions to better health and getting climate change under control. Commerce (C) types see continued stimulus to keep our economy vibrant. Governance (G) types less crime and disruption of government operations and services.

:: :: :: ::

Congress’s approval rating is 21%, the Supreme Court’s is 40%, the media 27%, the average score of the policies on the PolicyKeys™ National Idea Leaderboard is 73%—Politics 4.0 is already a 2x to 3x better model of US political sentiment and direction than Politics (as usual) 3.0.

A new PolicyKeys™ Where Can We Agree? Puzzle every Monday at 6am Eastern at You can read more about PolicyKeys™ Where Can We Agree? in Politics 4.0 How Gamification, AI, and National Idea Leaderboards Can Help You Depolarize the World. The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has recognized PolicyKeys™ for its innovative approach to consensus building.

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